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Shirley Loughran-Barnes

Love this detailed and helpful lesson, Christian! Nicely done! I'm off to practice. I am currently doing a themed concert featuring music from 1067 through 1969... Gotta have Jimi in the mix!! Always been a favorite song of mine (even the Sting cover). Thanks again for making it so approachable!

Shirley Loughran-Barnes

And can't forget Stevie Ray Vaughan!!! I'm going to check out the Derek and the Dominoes version asap. Cheers!

On Practicing Guitar

Thank you so much, Shirley! Please let me know how your cover turns out! I really like the Sting cover. What are some others that you like/know? It seems to me there are the big three covers: Dominoes, Sting, Stevie. Any more? I guess I'll have to do some research. Happy 4th of July!

On Practicing Guitar

The Derek and the Dominoes cover is my favorite cover of the song. Duane's lead is so poignant and powerful, yet somehow hopeful and heroic. I've never taken to the Stevie version. I will have to give it another try. Thanks again for stopping by! -Chris

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