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Jim Hannigan

This list really reflects your diverse tastes! What a great idea, music to help us get through an unpleasant period. And on LP makes it really sweet (not that I'm anti-CD and you discuss that here). What's even more fun is how you discuss how you came upon these records. That's the joy of music listening and collecting

On Practicing Guitar

Thanks, Jim! It was easier to narrow it down to LPs, and then stuff that I've mainly been listening to currently. There's a story behind almost every great record, if you think about it, especially if you've been listening to them for a long, long time. Like when I went by In Living Stereo to hang out and listen to some stuff, I had to bring that Brahms record. It really came to life on that outrageous system, like it was a living, breathing creature. That record has been with me for years. It kind of has a life of its own. Like the time the old lady underneath me in Sunnyside banged on the floor while I was listening to it. She only banged like twice. The other time, it was for EPMD! That I could understand... -Chris

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