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Jim Hannigan

Great overview Chris. The Crossroads box set also has some unreleased material that is worth checking out such as the tracks from the aborted second Dominos record.

I have a soft spot for the late 70s and 80s EC; the Slowhand record for example was a huge hit (produced by Glyn Johns), with two of his most known songs. I know he became radio friendly but I think there is good music in that body of work.

What do you think of the live Just One Night? It has the version of Cocaine I first got to know as a fan.

On Practicing Guitar

Thanks again, Jim! I've been re-reading my Clapton: Complete Recording Sessions and it makes me want to check out the Crossroads boxset although I've never been a big boxset person when it comes to artists who I've got a lot of their stuff. I know that the '70s stuff is often very well produced and in particular I'm a huge fan of Glyn Johns. But a lot of the songs seem like filler to me, besides the hits which I've heard on the radio many times. I'm not a big fan of JJ Cale and it seems to me you could almost call this period EC's JJ Cale period. I have to check out the Just One Night record. I assume that's the big live hit version of Cocaine that you would hear all the time on classic rock stations back in the day. Right now, I have my sights on There's One In Every Crowd. Never owned it. The time has come. I'm moving forward! -Chris

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