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Very cool....I was on that same quest but because of my agressive playing style [at the time] I would put the sg out of tune bending the neck. So I ended up with a modified 58 junior. No original parts but the body and neck are the real deal and an old old factory refin in an unusual mocha sunbursty color. It;s a beast of a rock and roll machine.

On Practicing Guitar

Thanks for your comment, Harley! I looked at a bunch of Juniors, where I could find them, either at Rudy's or South Side Guitars in Williamsburg, and I loved them but so expensive! They tend to be much brighter than this guitar, which is very warm but lacks a little brightness. And the frets are usually pretty worn down. I almost thought about taking the plunge and buying one but ultimately I thought the price-tag was just out of bounds - usually in the 4K+ range. I tried various Specials but mostly they didn't sound that good and the best one was really heavy and overpriced. I'm digging this guitar and I'm going to bring it down to Ed's jam at some point in the near future. I hope to see you around. Thanks again for writing! -Chris

Tim Burke

Hi Chris,

Don't get too excited about the prototype stamp, all 50's tribute SG's have them. It was Gibson's way of releasing a 50's tribute line for a model that didn't ship until 1961. Great value guitars. I have one in Ebony.

Here's a fact for you, if you ever get sick of the P90's in this guitar then the Gibson mini-humbuckers are a direct drop in replacement, they even use the same metal mounting bracket inside the pickup routes.



On Practicing Guitar

Thanks, Tim. Whatever the branding of this guitar, I still feel it's one of the best newish Gibson that I've played in awhile. I feel that sometimes the new products, meaning when they first start making them, are better than after they've been making them for years. I've been to the Gibson shop in Memphis and I've tried so many guitars that just didn't have anything special for a lot of dough and this guitar has a lot going on. I doubt if I would change the pickups but thanks for the info.

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