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where can i find more music written like:https://onpracticingguitar.chrisbottaguitar.com/2017/07/essential-strum-pattern-in-knockin-on-heavens-door.html

On Practicing Guitar

Hi, Jim
This post, https://onpracticingguitar.chrisbottaguitar.com/2017/09/compound-strumming-pattern-in-hey-joe.html
has links to some other similar posts, including the one above and one for Dead Flowers. They're all related. There's also a good one for Wild Thing. Thanks for visiting and for your comment! I'm starting to do some Zoom/Skype lessons. Let me know if you're interested. -Chris

Bones B Burgess

That was very helpful in deed thank you very much.so rock on my friend rock on✌️Peace BONES

On Practicing Guitar

Thank you, Bones! I'm glad that it was helpful for you. I hope this finds you well and that you're getting plenty of practice in during this challenging year.
Take care,


Thank you...i've been looking for the knocking on heavens door strum pattern with an explanation i could understand for months and I've finally found it...specifically how the pattern is "shared" between the G and D chords...
Thank you :-)

On Practicing Guitar

Thank you, Rory! It's great to hear from you. You might try learning the song "And It Stoned Me," by Van Morrison. It has the same strum pattern but with an extra chord, and then there's a bridge, a chorus and a little melodic figure, as well. Same key/chords. I give Zoom lessons, BTW. You'd be surprised at how much you can learn in one private lesson after you've been working so hard to figure things out by yourself. Thanks again,


thx, neesd this for other songs. Where I can find it?

On Practicing Guitar

Thanks for writing, Andy! I give lessons on Zoom and in person, if you happen to be in the New York area. Otherwise, check out my posts on the rhythm for Hey Joe and Dead Flowers. Hey Joe uses a pattern that's a combination of Knockin' On Heaven's Door and Dead Flowers. They're all linked. I hope to do more strumming articles soon. Thanks again,



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