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Interesting connection Chris. Why do you show up/down stroke motion in the jazz tune is that important to make it sound right?

I recently learned that part of the Can't You Hear Me Knockin solo by Mich Taylor contains some Larry Coryell licks from a Chico Hamilton record. It's interesting to compare, and fascinating to hear how Mick turned it into something completely his own

On Practicing Guitar

Thanks for posting, Jim! I only wrote the upstroke/down-stroke pattern on the jazz lick because it's the same for both licks. There is a slur or bend in both licks after the initial upbeat so the slur/bend is stressed and then the next note is not picked. It would be awkward in my opinion to then come in an eighth or sixteenth note later with an upstroke and it would also displace the down-stroke from hitting the stressed bend/slur every other repetition. If you were picking all six notes of the figure at lightening speed like Joe Henderson, you would want to do it in strict alternate picking and the accenting would be correct. I will try to check out the Chico Hamilton record that you mentioned. As you know I'm a huge fan of Mick Taylor! -Chris

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