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Charlie Messing

Nice piece. However, on "19th Nervous Breakdown," Brian is playing a Bo Diddley riff, with the same tremolo effect that Bo used, creating that sound - it's not like "The Last Time" in a lower register - it's not a clean, twangy sound - it's a clear, shimmering Bo Diddley sound. Bo said Brian was the only other player who used it right.

On Practicing Guitar

Thanks for your comment, Charlie. I was talking about the repetitive aspect of the riff, not the sound. It's more a physical, technical thing. I will have to give my Bo Diddley records some further spins. Definitely some nice tremolo on Heart of Stone, as well. I've only come to use tremolo regularly in the past ten years or so. Growing up I used to think it sounded really dated. But more recently, I realized it was on many of the records that I loved, even after the '60s.

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