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James Hannigan

Great video! That's the sound for sure. I believe we saw Hubert at the Cutting Room??

What Hendrix song is that, Freedom? trying to remember the first track from that album, which I got when I was about 15 probably one of my first few albums of his.

On Practicing Guitar

Thanks, Jim! I tried to get a little Hubert Sumlin mojo going. And yes, we did see him at the Cutting Room. The Hendrix tune is Midnight Lightning. I listened to it again and my approximation was a little different in my mind's ear, but pretty close. I think he picked the last note instead of bending into it and adding more vibrato. It's still quite bitchin'. He's just warming up at that point. Back then, anything that said 'import' on it was just like, "Wow!" It's a great cover. I'd paste it in here if I could...

James Hannigan

Oh yes, that track; I loved that song and I think it's a relatively unique recording I don't think he performed it often. And i never made the connection with the title Midnight Lightning/Smokestack Lightning or the licks as you point out.

On Practicing Guitar

I don't see any connection between Midnight Lightning and Smokestack Lightning, either. Except of course, for the titles! I didn't mean to suggest that and thanks for pointing it out. I've got to go over that. I need to also revisit the Hendrix tune. The Isle of Wight concert is really ragged and I think maybe Jimi's second to last performance. The sound was really off and he wasn't having a good time. You can see he throws his guitar down at the end. The only musical connection for me is this one lick he plays about a minute in, just a nasty, fast vibrato with an extra pick on the end. It's similar to the 'shake' licks that Hubert is playing in Spoonful.

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