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James Hannigan

Thought you'd mention your encounter with Slick, or was it Alomar?

I'd recommend this Charlie Rose interview from the late 90s

Bowie explains his art and what makes him tick; very honest about his failings and musical struggles but clearly proud that he took risks.

MIck Ronson deserves a lot of credit for his musical success; I think he handled arrangements on those early 70s records, and of course his guitar work was incredible. And he died of liver cancer also, but at 46 much younger.

On Practicing Guitar

I met Carlos Alomar once at a gig. All I could think of was, "I'm really more of a Ronson fan." Carlos admonished me, "Don't steal my licks." I love it. Now, I appreciate his playing much more. Ronson of course was a great player. I hate saying 'was' because the music lives on. 46? My god what a shame. I forgot it was so long ago that he died. To hear some of his wizardry, listen to Pin-Ups. He had plenty of licks and effects that he never used on the other Bowie albums.


The Sacred Triangle: Bowie, Iggy & Lou. Freaking awesome!

On Practicing Guitar

I have always found that photo to be pretty awesome myself. Thanks for stopping by, Jason!

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