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Thanks for that information

Cyrus Vesuvala

Surely the 4 opening notes are Bb, F, D, E and not Bb, F, G, E

Does anybody else here
Feel the way I do?


On Practicing Guitar

Thanks for your comment, Cyrus! I checked multiple sources and I have it right. Plus, it sounds right. However, your version sounds good. You should try writing a song around that. That's the way the pros do it! -Chris


is this the original sheet music? aka is that Gilmours ‘leg ring’ written there?

On Practicing Guitar

Hi Amelia,
Thanks for writing! No, it's not the original sheet music. It says Let Ring, which means let the notes of the chord ring out. Don't stop them. They must sustain. You want to be able to hear all four notes of the chord ringing together.

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